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$50 Membership (Ages 18-59)

$50 Membership (Ages 18-59)


Membership benefits include:

  • Member pricing on rentals
  • An open invitation to the Annual Meeting with voting rights
  • Member Christmas Banquet (a meal that we would normally sell for $28/plate+)


The increased $50 Membership was put in place at a time when we were having difficulty getting enough members to assist with Centre Operations; including working the bar, preparing and serving food, working the Canteen/Beer Gardens at Ball Tournaments, etc to the point that we were paying non-members to fill the vacancies. We would love to see our Members active and involved in the Centre like our parents/grandparents were when Friedensfeld began.


The $50 membership is key in helping us to pay the bare minimum costs and has become essential while rentals are cancelled down due to Covid-19. At the AGM in 2018, when the motion was presented and passed, the intent was that Members would choose to work a shift or two in any area and earn their dues back. All positions pay $9/hr. We are also hoping to make it more appealing for Members to take a turn on the Board. This year, new board members will serve a 2-year term in lieu of the previous 3-year terms. While on the board the, membership dues of your entire family are earned.


When voted in as a "New Member" it takes 5 years to earn full membership discounts; 1st 10% off, 2nd 15% off, etc.

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