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2024 Board of Directors

Roberta Stevens: President



Dayna Freund: Vice President


Abbey Borkowsky: Treasurer


Bonnie Beckman: Secretary


Keegan Renz: Director

Amanda Pachal: Director

Jamie Desrochers: Director

Jordanna Krentz: Director

Laura Oswald: Director

Andee Hiebert: Director

Bryan Dueck Director

Jeremy Bradley: Director

The Friedensfeld School was built in 1916 with its first teacher, Mr. A.P. Salemka also at the same time the district Pastor. Mr. Salemka taught in the Friedensfeld School for 20 years.  Trustees at this time were Mr. Stephen Biedler, Mr. Fred Freund, Mr. John Oswald and Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Fred Freund. In 1924, it was converted into a two room school.


Many days they worked 10-14 hours. A stove and dishes were purchased but all the roasters, pots, plans and canners were brought in by the ladies to use. Chicken, potatoes, vegetables, eggs, milk and cream were all donated. The cakes and buns were also baked and donated by these women. After all the meals were prepared and served for various functions, the dishes, pots, pans and cutlery were brought back to the school to be washed and packed away for next time. The hot water was hauled to the school by Frieda Schultz in milk cans.

Friedensfeld History

On one occasion (Adolf Schoenrock wedding) an awful storm caused the groom to arrive at the church at 9:00 p.m. These ladies waited patiently for the couple to arrive at the banquet at midnight. They served the meal (which they had kept hot) until 4:00 a.m. Many got home around 6:00 a.m.

On another occasion two ladies got soaked while carrying water into the school in pouring rain because “the pump didn’t work. Our trunks were also full of water by the time the water was brought in.” These were tough times, but beautiful memories….and all for just fun, free work and donations.” Along with catering, members also organized whist drives and other fund-raising projects.

The whist drives were held at the school and various homes. Lunch and refreshments were always donated.


The first Executive of this association was Mr. Joseph Liska, President and Mr. Art Borkowsky as Vice-President.  The Directors were Mr. Edwin Grienke, Mr. Henry Gerbrandt and Mr. Henry Borkowsky and the Secretary-Treasurer was Mr. Edward Oswald.

The Friedensfeld Community Club Inc. was formed on February 24, 1967. The old Friedensfeld School was the first Community Center, which had been purchased for this purpose. These members soon decided to build a larger Center, as a community project. They worked hard to earn money in various ways. One way was catering on a voluntary basis. Their first job was to cater for a 20th anniversary on October 15, 1967. They also held a Tupperware party, whist drive, raffles, and sold the Friedensfeld Cookbook.

Next, a Building Committee was elected, a blueprint drawn up, and on March 24, 1970, the sod turning ceremony was held. Due to the large number of men and women coming to offer their help, the building was completed in approximately two months.

On June 6, 1970, the centre was used for the first time. On July 25, 1970, the Grand Opening was held with over 800 people in attendance. Guest speakers were Jerry Haslem, Mayor L.A. Barkman and Reeve Albert Driedger,. The Rev. W. Gartke said the table grace.

A little bit of history...

The Board at that time was Gordon Krentz, President; H.B. Borkowsky, Vice-President; Mrs. E. Oswald, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. R. Schultz, Women’s Leader; Joe Liska and Ervin Oswald, Directors.  Our present Board consists of twelve members.

  • 1972: The kitchen was enlarged at each end. Site was three acres.

  • 1974: Seven more acres were purchased.

  • 1975: Ball diamonds #1 and #2 were built. Children’s playground equipment was set up. Twenty sets of horseshoe pits were also built to host annual horseshoe tournaments.

  • 1984: The building was enlarged at the west end (24’ x 72’) with new washrooms. Cost was $85,000.

  • 1986: The front entrance received new brick. Cost was $10,000.

  • 1987: Twelve more acres were purchased for two more ball diamonds, horse show arena and booth. Cost was $30,000.

In 1988, a 36’ x 40’ clubhouse was built at a cost of $40,000. It includes washrooms, concession facilities, and lawn care facilities and served as Friedensfeld Sultans baseball team headquarters.


In 1993 lights were set up around Diamond #1 at the cost of $50,000. The ball diamonds are home to 40+ teams of a wide age range throughout the summer.


Over the years, the building received a new roof and front entrance. The hardwood floors remain original.


The Friedensfeld Community Centre Inc. presently has a park with a children’s play structure, picnic area, washrooms, and 4 baseball diamonds.

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